Chesterfield Sofa Restoration

Few pieces of furniture evoke the timeless charm, craftsmanship and elegance as a Chesterfield suite.

Yet, as with all furniture, time takes its toll and while a vintage aged quality is no bad thing, there comes a time when a restoration is needed.

Such was the fate of this 30-year-old Chesterfield suite that had decades of use.

Its once deep colors faded and dulled by the passage of time.

We were contacted by a lady in Bridgend who wanted to breathe life back into her cherished suite and we were delighted to take on the project.

A thorough assessment of the suite’s condition revealed faded hues and areas of discoloration caused by decades of exposure to sunlight, dust and daily use.

It was time to get to work!

Here’s how we transformed this beautiful Chesterfield:

Stage 1: Cleaning

First, we vacuumed the suite, paying careful attention to crevices and the button holes.

Then, we cleaned the leather using our specialist leather cleaning solution until all soiling and dirt had been removed.

Stage 2: Preparing the leather

Any cracks and tears were filled using leather filler and thoroughly dried the leather before sanding all areas of the suite.

Then, an alcohol based cleaner was used to remove any dust created from sanding and to disrupt the surface of the leather.

The final part of the prep was to apply bonder with a lint-free cloth in readiness for painting.

Stage 3: Colour correction

Before any paint is applied, I carefully mixed colurs to achieve the desired tones.

I then applied an oxblood / black mix to all button holes and pleats using an airbrush. The airbrush was also used for the seats in order to create a mottled effect.

Stage 4: Sealing

Once the colour correction was complete and all areas covered, I applied three coats of a solvent sealant (gloss on this occasion), allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.

The suite was then allowed to rest for 24 hours to allow the sealants and fillers to cure.

Finished results

Our customer was thrilled with the results of the full colour restoration.

Working on a project like this always feels like reviving a piece of history.

If you’d like a free quotation for restoring your leather furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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