Chesterfield Sofa Restoration

Colour Restoration Of A 30 Year Old Chesterfield Suite

Few pieces of furniture evoke the timeless charm, craftsmanship and elegance as a Chesterfield suite. Yet, as with all furniture, time takes its toll and while a vintage aged quality is no bad thing, there comes a time when a restoration is needed. Such was the fate of this 30-year-old Chesterfield suite that had decades … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a timeless, luxurious and durable investment for your home. Unlike the vast majority of upholstered fabrics, with intelligent care and maintenance, leather can last a lifetime and age gracefully. However, caring for your leather furniture requires some knowledge of what you should, and shouldn’t do, to keep it in healthy condition. Here … Read more

The Importance Of Professional Leather Restoration & Maintenance

Professional maintenance is vital to maintain the appearance and lifespan of your leather furniture. While leather sofas are naturally durable, they are prone to fading and picking up scuffs and scratches over time. In addition to structural damage, dirt and oils can build up on the surface of leather, causing it to harbour stubborn soiling, … Read more

Recolouring And Filling A Brown Leather Sofa

If you have leather furniture and you’re considering changing the colour scheme of a room in your home, you might be thinking you need to change your sofas to match your new decor. This isn’t the case, and there’s a far more cost-effective option.. Leather sofa recolouring. In the case of this corner sofa, the … Read more

Recolouring a Faded and Damaged Tan Leather Sofa

Often, to bring a leather sofa back to its best, it will only require a professional clean and condition. But while a clean will remove any dirt and soiling, some sofas will require a full recolouring process to restore successfully – this may be to recolour to the original tone, or in some cases, to … Read more