If you have leather furniture and you’re considering changing the colour scheme of a room in your home, you might be thinking you need to change your sofas to match your new decor.

This isn’t the case, and there’s a far more cost-effective option..

Leather sofa recolouring.

In the case of this corner sofa, the client wanted a grey leather that would match the new furnishings.

To achieve the recolour, we mixed the dyes in-situ in order to be able to tweak the colour to preference.

First, a thorough clean was carried out tom remove all the ingrained oils, dirt and dust, before preparing each panel for the new leather pigment. A number of coats were applied until full coverage was achieved.

To finish, a satin sealant was applied.

This particular project took two days to complete and also entailed re-filling two cushions that had lost their shape.

The recolouring and re-filling of the cushions achieved a transformation of the client’s furniture – that matched her new decor – at a small fraction of the cost of replacing the suite.

If you’d like a quotation to restore your leather furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quotation.

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